Don’t Play Golf Injured!

The golf swing causes a lot of stress on many areas of the body and it is critical to let injuries heal properly.

I was happy to see Tiger Woods come back and start playing at the PGA Championship again after his golf injury, but I felt it was too soon based on what they were saying about his back injuries.

Unfortunately, during play, it was obvious his back was giving him problems. As Woods stated after missing the cut…”I couldn’t make a backswing. I can’t get the club back. Coming through is fine [but] … it throws everything off. I can’t get anywhere near the positions that I’m accustomed to getting to.”

As I mention in my book, Everyday Golfers Guide to Shooting Lower Scores, playing with an injury or coming back too quickly can make the problem area worse. Additionally, when we play injured, we tend to subconsciously try to protect the injury. When that happens, we are not swinging the club freely…and this can possibly allow bad swing habits to creep into your swing.

So take care of your injuries! Give them proper rest and time to recover, and if necessary, get professional help from your doctor or physical therapist. They can provide you with a program and the expertise to get you back on the course and shooting those low scores again!

Mick Gyure is the author of “Everyday Golfer’s Guide to Shooting Lower Scores.” A book to help the everyday golfer improve their golf game. For more information, visit

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