Golf Book for Beginners Now Available to Libraries


Golf Book for Beginners Now Available to Libraries

Popular golf book aimed at the novice golfer is now available to libraries through Quality Books, Inc.

Everyday Golfer’s Guide to Shooting Lower Scores, a book aimed at helping the novice golfer, is now available to public libraries. Quality Books, Inc., a well know distributor to the library community, has selected the book for distribution. The author, Mick Gyure, is “excited to have this exposure.”

The author, started playing golf in his mid thirties and effectively learned how to overcome many of the common pitfalls facing new players of the game. His scores rapidly improved, and within only 18 months of implementing the objectives in this book, he reached a much desired milestone – breaking 80!

Unlike many professionals who were introduced to golf in early childhood, Mick understands the frustrations experienced by golfers who are starting the game later in adulthood. This is where the book, Everyday Golfer’s Guide to Shooting Lower Scores can help. Mick feels that “practicing without a plan and not knowing what you are working on is a waste of time. A great deal of improvement can be made in your game by focusing more on quality rather than quantity in your practice sessions.”

The book is also very friendly towards the golf instructor. In fact, Mick’s own instructor recently purchased a bulk order to provide a useful manual to his clients.

Geared toward the beginner and high-handicapper, this is not a book on mechanical golf instruction. Rather, it discusses how a player can begin to think more effectively during their practice and on the course. Overall, as Gyure explains, “we always hear how golf is a mental game, but most beginners and high-handicappers do not know what this means. This book gets them to start using their brain during their play and practice.”

The book covers critical topics such as how to best acquire the knowledge necessary to improve your game, how to properly apply that knowledge, and how to practice correctly. It explains what you should be doing on the course, offers guidelines to help you define a plan for improvement, and shows how to commit to that plan so you can realize your goals.

For more information or to order the book, visit Libraries can also purchase the book through Quality Books, Inc. The book is also available on

About the Author:

Mick Gyure was an everyday guy who started playing golf in his mid-thirties. Like most novices, initially he struggled to improve his game. Ultimately, he found a number of things that allowed him to achieve his goals quickly—specifically, breaking 80!

Like many golfers who can’t seem to advance their game no matter what they try, Mick has been there and understands the challenges they face. He offers this book as a template to his fellow golfers, so they too may find golf an enjoyable experience and fun sport.

Title: Everyday Golfer’s Guide to Shooting Lower Scores
Author: Mick Gyure
Publisher: PL Motivations, Inc.
ISBN: 978-0-615-22208-0
Price: $14.95 paperback; 160 pp


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