Get Ready for the New Golf Season!

If you are like me, living in parts of the country with colder winters, then there is a good chance that you have not been playing a lot of golf for a while.  And going from the couch to hitting your first ball in months from off the first tee usually does not yield the best results.  Over the years, I have found that the following “Spring Preparation” list has helped me get a solid start to the new golf season.

Check Your Grips – Worn out grips cause you to grip the club more tightly, thus potentially affecting your golf swing.  If your grips have become worn out, lost their tackiness, or become hardened, then it is time to reqrip them.   This is something you can do yourself or they can be done at any local golf shop for a minimal cost.

 Clean Your Clubs – Take the time to clean your clubs.  Use water and a little dishwashing detergent along with a brush with plastic bristles.  Get all the dirt out of the groves and clean the grips as well.  Rinse the clubs off and dry them off with a towel.  Make an attempt to do this throughout the season as well to keep your equipment clean year round.

Prep Your Bag – Clean out your golf bag and replenish it with balls, tees, and gloves so you have everything you need to get started for the new season.

Get some Exercise – If you have been sitting on the couch all winter, start moving!  Get to the gym or at least start taking some walks so you are in shape for the season.

Start Stretching – The repetition of the golf swing puts a lot of wear and tear on the body.  Start a stretching regimen so your muscles are flexible, loose and supple when you start hitting the range and the course.  This will help prevent less muscle pulls, strains or tightness.

Start Slow – Take your time getting started.  Initially you will want to just get your body to feel the golf swing again.  Start with shorter clubs, less balls, and focus on a smooth rhythmic swing.  My first week at the range after a number is months off usually consists of just hitting some shots with my pitching wedge and maybe an 7-iron.  Also, I take plenty of practice swings between shots.  The objective is to get the body into the groove of my swing again.  Then over a few practice sessions, once your body starts feeling your swing again, start building to use your longer clubs.

Small Buckets First – Quality practice is more important than quantity.  Start with just only hitting a small bucket of balls to get you going.  Don’t overdo it at the beginning.

Practice All Areas -Don’t just hit balls.  Make sure your start getting the feel for all areas of the game such as sand shots, chipping, and putting.  Just mix up your sessions so you are getting that feel back for all areas of the game.

Follow these guidelines to get off to a solid start for the new golf season!

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