Author Bio

Author Bio

Mick GyureMick Gyure is an everyday guy who started playing golf in his mid-thirties. Once exposed to the game, he quickly developed a passion for it. It was challenging, so naturally he was a determined to become a better player. But like most novices, initially he struggled to improve his game.

In order to improve, Mick went on a quest to learn as much as he could about the game of golf and the swing in general. He discovered huge amounts of information in the form of books, instructional videos, DVDs, magazines, and television shows. He felt that having access to all this information would be the key to becoming a very good player. Instead, he became confused by the vast amount of instructional material available. He tried to implement many of the things taught, yet it felt as though he was always trying something different and not making progress in any area. Even though he was practicing, there was very little improvement for the first couple of years.

Eventually he came across a book entitled Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf by Ben Hogan, one of the greatest players of all time. In his book, Hogan wrote that he saw no reason why an average player could not shoot in the 70s regularly. Because of this, Mick made it his long-term goal to break 80 and was determined to find a way to do it.

Having this new goal forced him to evaluate all aspects of his game including the sources of information and practice methods. Drastic changes needed to be made if he wanted to attain his goal. Obviously, what he was currently doing was not working. But over time, he formulated a plan that started him on a path toward better golf, and his game changed dramatically.

Improvement did not come overnight and it was not consistent, but gradually he could see the progress. And as his game improved, lower scores followed, allowing him to attain all his goals along the way: breaking 100, 90, 85, and most importantly, breaking 80!

There were certain things he had focused on that allowed him to attain his goal and improve fairly rapidly. He took these experiences and organized them into a series of objectives, which are described in detail in this book. He still follows these objectives today and continues to see improvements in his game.

Mick believes that if he was able to do this, anyone with the same commitment and desire can do the same. If you define attainable goals, formulate a proper plan, and then put in the time and effort using proper practice techniques, you truly can improve your golf game.

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